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TANF Outreach Project – Oklahoma Asset Development Program

Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies

Oklahoma Asset Development Program

TANF Outreach Project

The TANF Outreach Project was a 3-year partnership between fifteen member agencies of the Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies (OKACAA) operating Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) increased referrals of OKDHS and TANF/former TANF clients to VITA sites by 104% over three years.

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See Virtual CAP's expanded description of the TANF Outreach Project for further information on strategies used to promote improved outreach for VITA/EITC sites.

Project Outcomes

Here's a partial list of results of the TANF Outreach Project.
  • Project agencies completed 49,780 returns over the three-year project, of which 18,747 returns received $27,560,751 in EITC at no cost to the client.
  • $9,956,000 dollars that would have otherwise gone to pay commercial tax preparers were made available for household expenses over the three-year period, using an area average preparation cost of $200/return. $3,749,400 of that amount went to very low income families receiving EITC.
  • 1,991 clients responding to the survey by the third year of the study were referred to the free VITA tax site by OKDHS. This is more than double the number reported in either of the first two years of the project.
  • Prior to the availability of actual data, most county and administrative OKDHS staff indicated they already made referrals and their current level of effort was sufficient. Providing county-specific data on actual referrals engaged OKDHS staff in additional efforts to increase utilization of free VITA sites.
  • OKDHS staff indicated a commitment to continue providing the points of contact that encouraged clients to utilize the sites after the grant expired and OKACAA could no longer administrate the program.
  • Over the three years, cross-pollination of programming resulted in 749 tax clients receiving homebuyer education or financial literacy services, 947 participating in asset building programs and 8,953 tax clients utilizing additional community action agency services.
  • The project improved agency interaction between the action agencies and the county DHS offices by 40% as reported by a survey of Community Action Agency participants.

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