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Placing Homeless Families in Middle-Class Neighborhoods

NIMBY – Not in My Backyard

NIMBY – Not in My Backyard – is a common reaction that many organizations have experienced when working on affordable housing and housing for homeless families.

Here’s a different response highlighted in a Nonprofit Times article, along with some examples of research on the impact of affordable housing on surrounding communities.

Nonprofits in Charlotte NC Find Homeless Families Homes in Middle-Class Neighborhoods

Nonprofit Newswire (January 11, 2012) - Nonprofits have grown very smart about solutions to homelessness. One major development has been the shift in focus of many homeless providers from temporary shelters or transitional housing to a concept of “housing first,” putting homeless families and individuals into permanent housing with accessibility to supportive services.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, nonprofits have been placing homeless families into scattered-site units in middle-income neighborhoods without sparking opposition from their middle-class neighbors.

Research on the Impact of Affordable Housing on Surrounding Communities

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