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Squared Away Blog: Frontiers in Financial Literacy

Squared Away Blog: Frontiers in Financial Literacy

Financial Security Project at Boston College

Squared Away: Frontiers in Financial Literacy is for practitioners in the field of financial literacy, including financial advisers, employers, government and foundation officials, and researchers.  Squared Away will cover anything that might help them do a better job of helping Americans of all ages act in their own financial best interest – and help them get their all-important financial matters “squared away.”

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The Virtual CAP news feed on Raising Awareness on Poverty and Homelessness - Play SPENT was based on a Squared Away blog posting.  Here are a few examples of other articles from Squared Away:

New Product Boost Low-Income Savings
Preschool Children Learn About Saving
What is Financial Literacy Anyway?
D2D Lures Traffic to Video Games
Money Games Are Great Gifts for Kids
Kids Book Teaches Bankable Lessons
There’s an App for That Child!

Squared Away is now included with the extensive listing of Financial Literacy Education Resources featured on Virtual CAP.

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