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Missourians to End Poverty

Missourians To End Poverty

Our Vision

Missourians to End Poverty (MEP) is the coalition of various individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies who have come together around the following vision:

As Missourians, we envision a just society of shared responsibility by individuals, communities, business, and government in which all individuals are respected, have opportunities to reach their full potential and to participate in thriving, diverse, sustainable communities.

MEP Goals

As the planning group behind a 2009 Poverty Summit, Missourians to End Poverty continued to meet in order to plan regional summits across the state to find ways to meet the following goals within the next ten years:

• By 2020 a cadre of 5000 leaders committed to ending poverty will exist within Missouri communities.
• By 2020, a coalition of 50 organizations will have established a network of advocates committed to ending poverty.
• By 2020, a statewide plan to end poverty is embedded and integrated within 50 Missouri communities or organizations.
• By 2020, Missouri will have adopted policies and established systems that provide an opportunity for people with limited resources to reach their full potential.

Missouri is a state rich in beauty and prosperity, in education and opportunity, in security and health, in values and vision. Yet, within our richness, lies poverty and fear, hunger and homelessness, unmet potential and despair.  Missourians to End Poverty came together to plan a summit this past June, where 425 people met to discuss the issue of poverty and how we can create change for the benefit of all communities.  In order to find ways to reach these goals, the MEP group has identified 5 pillars of poverty.

As a result of the continuing work done by the Missourians to End Poverty the following public policy papers have been developed for each of the 5 pillars of poverty: Food ... Health ... Education ... Energy & Housing ... Economic & Family Security.

2011 Poverty Summit

Hundreds Gather for Missouri Poverty Summit

Nearly one in five Missourians lives in poverty, and that figure may be getting worse.

With that in mind, more than 400 representatives of more than 30 organizations representing the public and private sector gathered in Jefferson City Tuesday to discuss how to focus on fighting poverty and its effects.

Conference Material

Event FlyerAgendaAfternoon Breakout Session DescriptionsRegistration FormSponsorship FormDonation FormExhibitor Form

MEP Legislative House Party Toolkit

CLICK HERE for Toolkit

Legislative House Meetings have the goal of bringing together those seeking public office with voters in an informal, non-confrontational house setting.  This setting will be used to hear not only from the candidate, but to share with them how important it is to address significant issues facing Missourians.  Through the sharing of stories, we hope that candidates will see that there are voters who are very concerned.  They will see that there are voters who want those elected to seriously address the interconnected issues of Food, Education, Housing & Energy, Health, and Economic & Family Security. We refer to these five issues as the five pillars.  The pillars represent areas that must be addressed if we are to create thriving sustainable communities that reduce the deadening impact of poverty.

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