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Faces of Poverty Film Festival

First Annual

Welfare Reform Liaison Project

CopyCents Film Festival

Welfare Reform Liaison Project

Faces of Poverty Film Festival

The Welfare Reform Liaison Project Community Action Agency provides Product Distribution and Self-Sufficiency Job Training to help low-income individuals and families move toward self-sufficiency.  Digital Media Production is one of the certified training courses offered by WRLP.  In conjunction with this training, CopyCents serves as an in-house entrepreneurial venture for students to gain direct experience with the skills they have developed.

CopyCents Faces of Poverty Film Festival

This year, WRLP sponsored the First Annual CopyCents Film Festival.  Students formed teams to develop documentary videos depicting the Faces of Poverty in Greensboro.  Entry Forms and Rules and Regulations were provided as guidance for the participants.

The entries were screened at a local movie theater and news coverage was also provided.  Here's the winning video followed by each of the other entries, all of which have been posted on YouTube:

FIRST PLACE - Faces of Poverty: What's Behind The Sign?

You see the signs on busy street corners and you have your own ideas on what is behind the sign. This short film takes you behind the sign and educates on what life is like for the homeless in a medium size city.

Faces of Poverty: Jobless in Greensboro

Companies are moving overseas for cheap labor and driving the unemployed upwards. People with a felony record are finding it harder to find a job. Homelessness is an epidemic, how do we move forward in this economy.

Faces of Poverty: Poverty...I Can't Afford to be Unemployed

Poetry threads through the story and blends interviews about people struggling through unemployment.

Faces of Poverty: Why is it so Expensive to be Poor?

This film explores the hardships of being poor.

Faces of Poverty: Down But Not Out

What happens to people when they are release back into society after serving their time? This is a story that is too common in our society and needs to be addressed.

Faces of Poverty: Motherless Child

A powerful short film about motherless children in Greensboro, NC. A fact that is overlooked in society about the poverty and homeless problem in this country.


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